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The Seed In My Heart

By Father Lou Cerulli

Adapted from and inspired by the book  "Before the Altar". Concepcion Cabrera De Armida Ediciones Cimiento, 1996 pp 204-266.

Sisters of the Cross of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 1320 Maze Blvd Modesto CA 95351 USA Tel: 209-526-3525

     "You opened to me the flower of your soul, and I with much love, implanted in it the seed of the vocation to the Cross." p.204

    " From that moment, the seed began to germinate in your heart.... giving you an ardent desire for heaven." p.205

    "Jesus, from the consecrated heart, whispers to me in the innermost depth of my soul." p.206

    Lord, by your grace, I opened to you the flower of my soul, for you, with much love, implanted in it the seed of your love. From that moment the seed began to germinate in my heart.

    You speak to me Lord in the imminent depth of my soul, you have implanted in the flower of my soul the seed of love, peace, joy, faithfulness and the seed germinates in my heart. But, Lord Jesus, there is a problem. I am a human, I am weak, I am a sinner. The world and its pleasures, Satan and his creators plot against me. The storms that come from unconquered passions make me turn away from you and from my path. A thousand crosses meet me and stop me on the way: crosses of deception, of disillusionment, crosses of loneliness within my heart, the effects of sin held in the memory of my body; these make me turn my gaze away from you, and yet your grace, at work through these crosses, invites me to turn my gaze back to you through repentance. As I turn my gaze back to you, I see that you have been awaiting me smiling with open arms and heart.

    Wash away my guilt O Lord, cleanse me of my sin. Let the seed in my heart be watered by the healing waters that flow from your side. Let the flower of my soul blossom in all fullness with the nectar of your love. Heal me Lord, forgive me Lord; Lord hear my prayer. From the consecrated heart, speak to me in the innermost depth of my soul.

    "Sometimes remorse troubles me, or feeling of uneasiness torment me. My poor heart, without peace of quiet, bleeds at the center and can find no relief except at the feet of the crucifix, in the center of the consecrated heart, in the silence of prayer." p.205


You knock at the door of my heart and wait untiringly for the happy moment when I surrender to you and you can call me yours.

    Grant me Lord the grace of the obstacles being removed, so that they may disappear and you may appear in fullness. Grant that I may open my wings and take flight in the direction of the garden you have prepared for me. Give me strength to tear myself from the sins and distractions that keep me from you. Detach my heart from all unhealthy and inordinate actions and desires so that I may hear you as you speak to the innermost depth of my soul from the consecrated heart, so that I may love you and serve you and my brothers and sisters with dedication, faithfulness and steadfastness.


  • The flower of my soul

  • Seed implanted

  • Desire

  • The struggle of being human

  • Unconquered passions

  • Crosses

  • Repentance

  • Grace


The flower of my soul

Lord, I open to you the flower of my soul. I invite you to implant there any seed you have chosen for me today. May your seeds germinate always in my heart. Give me the desire to surrender and the openness of heart needed so that your seeds find fertile ground in my being. Water these seeds with love and grace that they may blossom into full bloom and became the flowers, the blossoms, the fruit you have ordained them to be.

(Be still and quiet with the Lord. Let your heart listen, your soul be open to what the Lord is doing at this very moment. Still, quiet, calm. Receive.)

(After a time of quiet, offer the Lord the spontaneous prayer of your heart).



Take some quiet time to reflect. Write down your insights and compose your own prayers from your heart.

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