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Life giving water

By Father Lou Cerulli

Adapted and inspired by a letter by Saint Ambrose. Found in the Breviary Vol. I p. 1218-1219

     As we strive together in the name of Jesus, to live the Eucharist, we are called to live the teaching of Jesus which calls us to love God and to love one another (MT 22:34-40;  JN 13:34)

    In living the Eucharist, we move forward in the Holy Name of Jesus and the Power of the Holy Spirit in such an act of love that our words become rivers that give life. We let the life giving waters of the Spirit flow. We invite the healing waters of Jesus to flow through us just as that water flows from the wound in his side. Let your healing waters flow Lord Jesus. Let the river of life, the waters that flow from the Sanctuary, flow through us to the whole world. May our words and actions be rivers that give life.

    There is a stream which flows from God. It is a stream of God within us gushing up, bursting forth. (JN 7:37-38). It is a rushing river giving joy to the heart. It rushes from a heart that is at peace and makes for peace. As we receive from this source, we ourselves become a source of life giving water for others. When our hearts are full, they then pour God's rain into other hearts. 



Lord, when I open my mouth please open my heart first so that I may listen to you and speak from your heart. May the rivers of my heart overflow with the grace, love and power of the Holy Spirit. May these rivers lift up their voice in prayers, words and actions to flow from my heart and mouth to the hearts and mouths of all your people.

I am Lord, to drink at the pure and holy source of the Eucharist. I come to drink at the stream which flows from God like a torrent.

I pray Lord, that all my words always be rivers clean, pure, sparkling, loving, peaceful, limpid, healing and compassionate so that through my life you may touch the lives of others. Then, together with them may we love God, love one another and Live the Eucharist.



Take some quiet time to reflect. Write down your insights and compose your own prayers from your heart.

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