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JESUS IS THE LIFE (John (11: 1-44)

Jesus is the resurrection. Where Jesus is, death has no power on us. Jesus is leading us from death to life. Lazarus resurrection shows us the glory of God by ending death.

Jesus loves Lazarus and us. “ See how he loved him. (John 11,36) Jesus reveals his deep, human emotions. Jesus is so profoundly human, vulnerable and loving.

Lazarus, Martha, Mary are friends of Jesus. “I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live, and everyone who believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?” (John 11,25-26)

Resurrection is not only after death, but happening now; it is a new way of living. Who, believes in Jesus, lives.  When we encounter Jesus, we are wrapped with his love and death does not have power on us. We have a new quality of life which will never die.

Martha is a woman of faith and proclaimed it. Mary is the faith without the words. “Lord, if you have been here, my brother would not have died”

The resurrection is the sign of the glory of God and the sign of what is doing in us. This sign is a message to us. When we are in sin we are like Lazarus dead and decomposed; we have lost our real being. Martha said that Lazarus smelled bad already. Now he is showing us that He is transforming our death into resurrection. Believing is the key to transformation and a way to see God’s glory.

Jesus is calling Lazarus. It is the call of Love who is leading us out of our death. His call is stronger. When He calls, we can not be excluded. When Lazarus is out, he is still tied. He is not free yet. This is the image of how we are tied to our sins and dependant on our needs.  The resurrection is not complete before we can see Jesus and the others face to face. Jesus is the resurrection and life. When we believe in him, the rest is not important.

Jesus wants us to rise up and to become fully alive. HE CALLS US OUT OT THE TOMB WE CARRY WITHIN US. Coming to our faith is getting out from our tomb, finding our true life, awakening from the sleep of our illusions, living in the conscience with open eyes without barriers, ties and without a mask. Our actual resurrection with our faith is a revelation: Just at the time of our death we will not go to darkness but we will reach God’s love; we will reach to his presence to be united to Him.


Saint John of Damascus (about 675-749), monk, theologian and doctor of the Church
Triode of matins for the Saturday of Lazarus, Odes 6-9

And Jesus wept. So the Jews said, “See how he loved him”

O Lord, since you are true God you know about Lazarus’s sleep and you had predicted it to your disciples…since you are true man, who nevertheless are without limit, you came to Bethany. True man, you wept upon Lazarus; true God, by your will, you raised this man who had been dead for four days. O Lord, have mercy on me too; my sins are numerous. I beg you, come take me away from the abyss of evil. It is to you that I cry; listen to my prayer, God of my salvation.

Having wept for your friend, in your compassion you put an end to Martha’s tears, and through your voluntary Passion you wiped away the tears from all faces (Is 25,8). “Blessed be the Lord, the God of our Fathers” (Ezr 7,27). You, the guardian of life, cried out to the dead man as if he were sleeping. With a word you tore open the belly of hell and you raised the one who then began to sing: “Blessed be the Lord, the God of my Fathers”. Raise me up too, I who am strangled by the ties of my sins, and I will then sing to you: “Blessed be the Lord, the God of our Fathers”…

In her gratitude, Mary brings you, o Lord, a pound of costly perfumed oil, as a due for her brother (Jn 12,3) and she sings to you forever and ever.  As a mortal you pray the Father, as God you awaken Lazarus. This is why we sing to you, o Christ, forever and ever…You wake up Lazarus, a man dead for four days, you raise him from his tomb, making of him a true witness of your resurrection on the third day. You walk, you weep, you talk, o my Savior, showing us your human nature; but by raising Lazarus you reveal to us your divine nature. In such an extraordinary way, o Lord my Savior, by your two natures, with sovereign power you accomplished my salvation.

Jean Dib (09 -03-2005)

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