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The blind and the Light

(John 9, 1-41)

Jesus is the Light: I am the blind person in this story (John 9, 1-12). Before meeting Jesus personally, I do not see the real face of God. When I meet Jesus, I see the Light and I am not in darkness anymore. Jesus is the true Light. He brings clarity to my existence, opens my eyes to the true reality.

God’s will: When Jesus left the Temple, his disciples were talking about whose fault was that this person was blind. There was a Judaic relation between the illness and the sin. Jesus broke this relation. God is manifesting thru the blind. Whose fault is-it? This is not important. I must not look at the origin of my sickness but rather, where it is leading me. It might be God’s will to allow me to discover my real self.

Faith in Jesus: With the story of the blind, Jesus is telling me that faith is the way to see the truth. When I accept Jesus with my faith, my eyes are open and I see my true self and the world.

Jesus heals: The lack of light is the absence of faith. When I leave Jesus, darkness is around me, and I am excluded from his healing. Jesus is the Light and I must not wait to reach to him and get his healing.

Jesus is healing me by simple means, as he did to the blind. When I am blind, I refuse my human condition. Jesus makes me feel that I am human, made by God from mud.  The blind can not see except by washing himself in the pool (the sent). I can see when I wash myself from my ego. Jesus, by touching the earth, is inviting me to recognize where I came from. By his saliva, Jesus is touching me as a mother. He wants me to remember that I am human with earthy needs.

The blind is sent to wash. I am sent to meet Jesus (the Sent) to be washed from my sins and have my eyes open to the light.

Jesus is the Living water: This make me think about my baptism. It is when I met Jesus and his living water was given to me.

I am called to wash myself from everything tempting me against my pure humanity. With Jesus I see the light and I see the truth.

My faith

·  Jesus power is from God: In the second part, the Pharisees question the man:  Jesus has worked on the Sabbath by making clay. Jesus “works” testify to him. Jesus power comes from God.

·  With Jesus I shall not fear: Jews question the parents: Fear of being expelled from the synagogue. Sometimes fear get to me and I refuse to get involved. (Fear from co-workers keeps me away from getting to my true belief).

·  “Give Glory to God”: That what I do when I become a disciple of Christ. Jesus is the only one who has seen God. Jesus comes from God.

·  “Jesus is the Son of Man”: My faith is not complete without my encounter with Jesus. “Everyone the Father gives me will come to me, and the one who comes to me, I will not cast out.” (John 6:37)

·  The sin is disbelief: I see it in the “blindness of the Pharisees”. Some people claim that they see but they are blind.  “The one who does not believe in the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him.” (John 3:36)


Jesus, we are blind sometimes and we do not recognize you. You are the Light. Open our eyes. Open our heart so we are able to enter in the light of our faith.

Jesus you are the Light of the world. Be the light for us, parents to guide us in the education of our sons and daughters.

Jesus, you are the Light to all the youth. Enlighten them to have a meaning to their lives.

Jesus, you are the Light to all the persons who are in need.

Jesus, you are the light for all the elderly so they see your Glory in their sickness and weakness.

Jesus, guide us to find where happiness is.

Jesus you are my Light. Amen 

Jean Dib (1 mars 2005)

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